Hoarding Woes: No Place Too Small

As I drove down a street near my work the other day, I saw the man laid out in the doorway of an abandoned business. Asleep, passed out…whatever…oblivious to his surroundings. Next to him was a shopping cart loaded to the point of being at least 2+ times higher than the cart. It struck me then that probably the ‘homeless’ have hoarders in their midst as well. Why wouldn’t they. Save for a bigger venue, they cram all they can into and onto that cart. I bet they too forget what is in that bag in the far right corner of the cart. 

Last night I was out of town and unable to visit my aunt. A call to the adult foster home care giver revealed my aunt was busy. She had removed all her possessions and some of theirs out of all the containers and laid them out on the bed and along the floor in piles. This with the broken leg. They watched as she did this, not intruding at first, making sure she was careful. When they asked what she was doing she remarked she was arranging her things in anticipation of going home in the morning. 

Even in the smaller room, my aunt found a way, crippled and limited, to sort through all her stuff and create piles! The care giver did short circuit this project and put everything away and my aunt reportedly didn’t fuss. When I visited her today she seemed bemused by the episode as she raised it herself and chuckled. I wonder how my aunt would do with only a shopping cart?

Back in town now, I will renew my efforts at her home tomorrow. I will take a few pics of the progress inside too. Extensive and remarkable I hear. My aunt has her calendar on her bed. She is checking off the days until the doctor’s appointment. She now cannot remember how she got hurt and what happened on that day just 6 weeks ago. She does know her knee has been hurting this week as she tries too hard to get out the door.


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