Hoarding Woes: Countdown to…….

My aunt has an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon on August 5th. New x-rays and a probable assessment of what her ongoing treatment will be. The Big Question from my aunt will be…well, I don’t have to say it. I am not certain I can enlist the doctor’s support in advance to have him, with his status, say…not yet. Another amount of time is needed before you should be sorting your hoarded belongings at home.

A hallway blocked off. The house’s main floor has a circular floor plan, or did. Now one has but one way to move around to the back of the house. The hallway and all bedrooms are blocked off and over flowing. Hence she feels comfortable to sleep on the couch, usually sitting upright. I have not pulled down that attic stairway. I am told there is plenty up there. I cannot imagine when she was climbing up a ladder. This hallway continues about 8′ and takes a left to the kitchen. It is blocked all the way, cutting off access to closets, cupboards, and a bedroom (which is 75% full; some remaining storage in there, if one wanted to jam it full)

I am almost considering not cleaning up every corner of the house. Maybe the pathways and   hallway to the kitchen and bathroom via her living room would suffice. It might be a good test of her long verbalized desire to clean and store stuff if we do create that major space in the den and covered pati0/carport for storage. There it is auntie…now you pack up this and that and we will carry it for you to that newly created storage space. 

Another drop box or so will be ordered for this coming weekend. The covered patio (15′ x 20′) has boxes densely stacked 7-8′ high. I have blazed a trail about 2′ wide into the area about 10′ deep. This will be a good storage area once I judge what is salvageable. There does not seem to be water damage under the patio other than that from normal NW dampness. This will afford some pretty good storage space for storage of items from inside the house.

The little impish smile. My aunt seems content here. Note the picture is back up! We had a nice visit last night. She has her calendar beside her on the bed and one big date circled. August 5th. Her doctor appointment circled. SwittersB

What if, by some set of circumstances, my aunt did not come home. All this cleanup so far has been for the livability of the neighborhood. The eyesores, the smells, the animals will be gone. The emptying or readying of the home for her will not continue. The stuff will just wait. I would not sell off or donate her stuff (unless she somehow had a moment of clarity). In the end, some day after she passes, all this stuff will have to be confronted again. For what? Dozens of garage sales and then estate sales. We did that for my mom’s house. It still is not done. We have long since burned out on sales and it frankly is not fair to the neighbors and almost becomes the garage sale machine both my mom and aunt operated for years. Always set up, always signage. Tied down. The removal of the property this time around will be more swift (some sales, massive donations). The treasures will be retained, but as I say that ‘treasures’ to whom. So many treasures. Cart before the horse? Unseemly? Yes. Just what-if-ing. 

May I just say that the comments I receive are refreshingly encouraging (much appreciated) but also very wise (even more appreciated). It is a form of support to receive genuinely kind and thoughtful remarks. Uplifting and comforting to be sure…thank you.


One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Countdown to…….

  1. SwittersB

    Well, as you can imagination, there is a wide range of facilities. Some are the understaffed, over populated, dark and lonely…while others are very nice. Of course, the costs are often out of pocket. Given the aging population in this country, it will be interesting, if not scary, to see what the future holds for elder care. Yes, outings and a positive attitude are an option.

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