Hoarding Woes: Going, Going…..Not Quite Gone

Worked alone today, and received Team help later tonight. Drop box company came this morning to remove full box and drop another one. I filled up a little over half of the new box today. A very hot day, I stayed hydrated but took quite a few breaks. Lots of sorting today. All boxes wet and contents wet and disgusting. Each object is stripped of wet paper and assessed for damage and redemption. It is time consuming and conducted in a bent over posture. Believe me after sorting through hundreds and hundreds of the ubiquitous glasses my aunt hoards one gets itchy. What is this stuff?

Tonnage of this glassware

There are literally hundreds each of small goblets, large goblets, punch bowl cups, decanters. So, if you recall there was a large expansive series of mounds in the back yard. It was daunting to contemplate tearing into it.

This was the recent shot of the piles looking out toward the NW/W. All this is gone now as of tonight. To the right of the tree and partially obscured were additional piles, also gone. Pallets are stacked there now. Down in the lower left corner of the picture along the gutter line is a remaining stack against the wall. The back yard is about 90% complete but has that tattered, dirty look. A lot of mud and patches of scraggily grass. In total, I would say (5) 10 yard boxes were densely filled from the back yard. SwittersB
NW piles gone and Central pile is being worked
Again risking life and limb, I took this shot of the N/W long pile to show its demise. in the middle you see the sorting pile of glassware sorted out to retain and repack. To the far left is the West pile that is now gone.
It is no surprise that critters have access to a wonderful maze of tunnels and shelter, at least shelter for as long as the tarps don’t leak/shred. This toothy possum was found in amongst the wet boxes. SwittersB
Now if those were human remains, one might be suspicious of what was found right above the bones. But, I would rather not think of a Possum firing up in the hoarding back yard…that would indeed be hoarding woes.
The upper pile is gone. The pile to the left is gone. Thanks Team! I fizzled out last night on the upper pile and it is all gone.

Meanwhile, inside the house, The Team members are moving heaven & stuff to create a safe environment for my aunt. I will attempt to record this as well. Width and space have been gained. Layers of filth have been scrubbed away. Great job Darly. The response from my aunt probably won’t be what we hope for. Intuitively we know this. But wouldn’t it be nice to see joy in her eyes and appreciation? Doing what is right for an elder is much like doing what is right for your ungrateful teenager…you just do it and believe out of love and duty. 

Dragging a can a hundred + feet at 75 to 100# + catches up with you, especially if you are also bent over a good portion of time sorting as well. So I have taken to loading the can. Then I pull it up onto the hand truck and wrap a stout bungee around the can to hold it to the hand truck. This worked pretty well. After a hundred and some pulls on the handtruck to dropbox this gets tiring too. Once you are to the drop box, then you heft the can up onto the floor of the drop box. You drag the can to the pile in the box and if you are going to make use of the box, you hoist the the can atop the pile and shake out the contents. Here you watch for broken glass etc. as it cascades down. My shins are pretty cut up right now from debris crashing down.

Ok, off to top of the box and collect broken plastics for recycling. I have a number for a scrap metal guy. My driveway is looking messy but I will spend this week cleaning it up. The back yard will be touched up. The effort will now be swung inside as my aunt is hell bent on coming home. She walks with a walker and ignores staff help or admonitions. I figure a month maybe to make the inside safe. The outside stench will hopefully subside now that the air is getting to the earth and fllth is headed to the dump. 


4 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Going, Going…..Not Quite Gone

  1. Aewl

    Wow, lot of hard work there.

    I somehow surfed onto your site yesterday and after reading every single post, I felt compelled to write about your site on my blog.


  2. annietiques

    The glassware pattern is called Anchor Hocking Wexford, not a lot of value but certainly collectible! I know I have this pattern myself for everyday glassware!! I’ve included a link to the Replacements, LTD website, which is a gold mine for identifying glassware and china. Personally I think their values are a little high. The pattern was discontinued a decade or so ago. If I can be of any assistance in identifying some of your Aunts treasures, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am in awe of the work that you and yours are doing in her behalf….


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