Hoarding Woes: Clearing the Land

Long, hot day. Cleaned up a big mess, and made a new one…on my driveway! Just the way it is, for awhile. Great gains inside and outside. First the outside.

You've seen this shot from the roof before. It gives a pretty good idea of the back yard save right below and to the right. At this point, we had started clearing in from the right where the mud is. The 'stuff' had extended to the lower right corner of this picture in the beginning. SwittersB
After breaking our collective backs on this, you want the picture to be more powerful. It is yet it does not convey the sordid details. Ok, I guess. In the end, the back yard, which is about 50' x 40' was conquered. Thanks Team!

As you may recall if you have been following along, it took me a long while to clean that long driveway. It had been a mess going on almost 10 years. So, when I cleaned it, I was darn happy. The recent heavy rains created a muddy slog in the back, which was transported step by step up the drive to the drop box. This weekend, not only were two boxes filled, but now I have a pile of plastic on one side to go to the recycling center, and a pile of scrap metal on the other side some guy may or may not collect. So, when that box is pulled away tomorrow morning, the driveway will look like crap.  

This old Zenith radio was in the back yard exposed to the elements for who knows how long. It was partially wrapped in old, wet newspaper. It worked! Not perfectly, but it provided some company today as I walked back and forth. SwittersB

Now, making room in the house. Cleaning up to make it safe and less daunting for my aunt. Team Member Darly added additional crispness to the stove….

Looks like new!

2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Clearing the Land

    1. SwittersB

      I sure hope not! No, actually, she recalls a 50’s/60’s type radio that could take batteries. We have found several like this and none pass her inspection as the one. I think we have it, but she says no. She has a theme of it was here…someone must have taken it. Of course, there are only a few people possible to have ‘stolen’ it, so this leads to awkward silences. When she is stressed, things are supposedly missing: shears, lamps, necklaces, shovels, potting soil, yard ornaments…… most are found buried amongst the clutter.

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