Hoarding Woes: Eye of the Newt (Evil Spell?)

My Eyes, or Expectations Were Bigger Than the Box

Remember last week’s 20 yard box? It turned out to be 3.7 tons (1.2 tons overweight!) Eek! No wonder we were fried. So, I had gone smaller this time. The Team did an outstanding  job loading up the 10 yard box, but my Lord, the back yard seems to be one never ending pile. The box was filled and yet there is still more and more! Every wet, moldy box sorted through. All the soggy newspaper removed from every object. On and on. Big plans…incremental gains. Again, the mind has to be disciplined. Don’t let the frustration or scope defeat you. 

There is a difference here. A balance must be maintained. I am cleaning up a mess, but it is not my mess. I have a tenuous permit, issued by an aunt that has vacillated about of late. I cannot just trash everything as if it were my stuff to trash. Respect is due. It is her stuff. I am making decisions re damage, filth, unremovable stench. Can it be salvaged? Is it unique? Can it be cleaned or renewed? Rotten wood, fabrics, paper products, rusted metal must go. That balancing act takes time, energy and more thinking than you would think. It is preferrable to go into auto pilot and slog away. But, sorting and repackaging slows you down to less than half speed.

Part of Three! Remaining Piles. How did I think we would finish today? SwittersB

When last I wrote this morning there were interesting alerts from the Team re wasps, spiders and a critter. The Team wanted to say thank goodness were are not in rattlesnake country! Nonetheless, the Waspand spiders (they felt certain some were Hobo’s) slowed them down as they waded through the debris. Indeed, as you pull back a lid, or tarp or object out scurries something moving. 

Perhaps the most interesting discovery in a boggy area was a critter. A Newt! How could there be a newt in the back yard. Not near any area I would have considered Newt habitat…although what do I know. After all the back yard is a unique habitat in its own right!!! I read that June or July is Newt Breeding Time. Hmmm? Yes, the Newt survived, being relocated to the far side of the yard/piles. 

So, trying to get box picked up tomorrow and another delivered tomorrow. We shall see. I probably won’t have help tomorrow. So, slow and easy.

OH!!! The picture was back, upright on the end table. I would like to think my Aunt set it back up. 

Newt...A Special Hoarding Woes Guest SwittersB





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