Hoarding Woes: Bzzzzzzzzz!

The day has dawned bright and easy. The drop box was deposited bright and early. I photographed the remaining messes from atop a shed rough (no risk too great for you to see the improvements over time). I leave for work. The next thing I know my son is calling to alert me to an expenditure: wasp or hornet nests, hundreds perhaps, traps and sprays purchased. Eek!! Be careful I say.

Trapped at work on a Friday…a typically F’d day for me. So, I am on edge to get out of here, but I run things here so that isn’t going to happen too soon. So I will trust in providence to protect the kids from harm. A few pics of the remaining piles to be sorted: good stuff always kept and repacked; destroyed/non-salvageable removed. More to follow…… The pictures my son has sent me so far are very motivating to me….. I will be working there tonight and rest of weekend, so not sure when I will get to load pics but at some point along the way. Will probably swap out one box for another I imagine. 

The interior. More sensitive subject. Slower going. Tons of stuff but little in the way of garbage or debris now that kitchen has been sorted. The rest of the house is compressed stuff. Slower going, but that will be where the safety issue will be most imperative. The back yard and driveway is neighborhood livability and nuisance abatement efforts. Less rodents, less smell, less visual blight. On we go…..


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