Hoarding Woes: Clever Auntie?

When last I wrote, I remarked about my aunt appearing to have made this sudden turn about from a bit sketchy back toward normal. Today, for some reason (crazy day at work and more to follow tomorrow) I was a bit tired and figured I would drop by to see my aunt at the adult care facility and not stay long. Given the blow up this week, I still feel on edge.

Well, I entered her room and she was dozing. I sat down. She raised her head, threw up her arms and beckoned for a hug. I hugged her and squeezed her little shoulders. We visited and I showed her pictures of roses outside her window. As I scrolled through the pics, I also noticed her room was still in a packed up, ready to go mode. Ok. But, THEN I noticed my picture was face down on the end table! Whoa! Blatantly face down. What’s with that? An intentional effort at ‘screw you nephew’? No she couldn’t put my picture face down. Would she?

As I sat beside her she did not once ask when she was going home. She didn’t ask about her home. She didn’t ask about her stuff. She didn’t ask about money, bills or insurance. She just talked about not wearing her leg brace at night and getting up to go to the bathroom without the walker or summoning help for safety. 

I didn’t touch my picture. I didn’t discuss her risk taking. I didn’t discuss much. Nor did she. In the end, I showed her pictures of her flowers and some wind chimes I had found in her back yard. She liked it and then she says, “You really look tired. I can see you are doing too much. You need to rest.” Her belongings packed. My picture face down. Maybe she is going to call a cab? Either way she does not want me working too hard. Ok, slow and easy this weekend.

Drop box being delivered in the morning. Son going to work tomorrow and I will top off Saturday. As I make the walk back and forth, back and forth, I will wonder if my auntie is clever like a fox. Next time I wonder if the picture will be upright, face down or worse. At any rate, nice roses despite the recent pounding rains.


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