Hoarding Woes: Packed My Bags…Ready To Go!

Not Smiling Now

I got home from a hard working day at my aunt’s place. I showered and figured I should go see the little gal I am doing all this for. When I arrived, I noticed she was in her room. She saw me and smiled but did not let out the usual whoop and hand clap. Hmm?

I sat down and started with the typical ‘how was you day’ questions. I noticed her cards were already down and my picture with her was not up. I asked what happened to the pic? Did it fall off the table or……? My aunt responded: “I packed it up. Over there. I am ready to leave.” What! I exclaimed. “You can’t leave yet, you aren’t ready nor your home prepared”    She then, within one hour, asked me a good 10 times when she was going home and each time I answered the same…probably another 6 weeks….you are half way there. Like I had spoken into the wind…she never seemed to remember my answers. Now she will usually ask this twice, but not 10 times and have her possessions packed.

Her mood is more somber. She seems depressed or distressed. She is happy with the staff and care but money comes into the conversation as well as her stubborn streak. Her daily efforts at using a walker have her convinced she can go home now and care for herself. It was the worst conversation in distress and tone I have had with her in many months. Distressing to say the least. Decisions coming. Is she capable of caring for self or thinking clearly? Walked out of there feeling very uneasy.

I have been touting the effort to prepare the home. To make it safe for her. But, want to have another month + to get it done. And, be certain she is truly ready, not just eager. My back was killing me, now my head is tweaked too. 


One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Packed My Bags…Ready To Go!

  1. Mary

    Mercy, it is almost impossible to believe that one little woman could accumulate that much stuff. In the interest of saving your own health, would it be possible to hire someone to help finish up the back yard and outside? At least the inside is not water soaked even if it is a real challenge. I hope your dear aunt doesn’t just hire a taxi and come home! I know of that happening with one of our friends. She was coming home whether anyone else wanted her to or not! I continue to read your journal on a daily basis and enjoy reading of your progress. Have you given any thought to printing it out so when all is done someday, you will have a written copy for your heirs. Your great-grandchildren might like to read about your trials some day.

    Hang in there!

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