Hoarding Woes: Where to Put It? Decisions, Decisions

This an interesting little glimpse into some hoarders mental decision making . It sounds very familiar and may I just say scary as I see some of me in this! Maybe many of us do…..

Letter to a Hoarder from Children of Hoarders (FB)

Maybe you have read this before.  I hadn’t. It seems I spend a lot of time addressing the mess and little studying the why’s and what to do’s. Seems impossible to cure so why study it? Well, of course for those with years to go with a hoarder it is a necessity to figure out why. I guess at my mom’s and aunt’s motives for hoarding…seemingly different, I see patterns but then give up as I am into the unhindered cleanup now. Wasn’t always the case with my mom it was hostility that challenged my patience and in the end she won…sort of. My aunt on the other hand has allowed a little cleanup (the driveway…a lot damn it!) But, until she injured herself I had opted to bide my time until she passed. Now with a potential for a return visit home, albeit many months away, I do have to be more aggressive to not just move and stack, but empty larger areas (the kitchen) for her safety. 


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