Hoarding Woes: Transformations

It is hard to have a sense of accomplishment given the magnitude of my mom’s home and now my aunt’s. But, today I felt like we rounded a corner for my aunt’s welfare. How she will perceive it is to be seen. It is daunting to dig into any one pile like I did this morning. ‘Oh, maybe a dozen boxes. I can knock this out in an hour or so.” Several dozen boxes later, I felt my mind cave in. I didn’t have the patience today. So, I worked to finish the driveway, fill a drop box, tidy up the storage area in the garage and maybe get that kitchen floor emptied.

The following pictures speak for themselves if you have ever followed along here. I will add a little comment here and there.

A seemingly small pile headed toward back yard was bigger than expected once uncovered and the mess sorted out. SwittersB
My aunt has an obsession with buying electric fry pans. None of them have the electric plug in though. But, I found the mother lode stash of plug ins. Rotted, rusted, ruined. SwittersB


1986 Home sales...interesting pricing. SwittersB
This plastic bin was full of water and purses. The bin was seemingly safe beneath tarps, plastic, plywood, corrugated roofing. Nope. SwittersB

After wading through several dozen cardboard boxes, that were glued together in some topsy turvy caved in world. I decided to sit and have a beer or two and smoke a cigar. I knew if I sat too long my back and neck would seize up but I sat and relaxed.

Sitting relaxing with a Macanudo, beer and regrouping. SwittersB@Hoarding Woes

I had made a mess of the driveway, so I put some effort into the driveway and storage area.

Can you remember what it looked like. A lot of stuff remains to be transported down through this driveway. SwittersB

Satisfied with the driveway’s transformation and overheated from the sun, I decided to head inside and see if the kitchen could be touched up even more.

The kitchen looking from the dining room toward the back stairs (behind door) SwittersB
The kitchen table area. Notice the cool retro stool. SwittersB
The basement kitchen. I had already removed the dinette table but could not get it up stairs. Need to remove legs and not ruin walls. Another mess, another month. SwittersB

So, it was a good day. Started out rough (wavering focus, for some reason) but I eventually found the groove and got things done.

3rd drop box. Going slow on the boxes. Making an honest effort to salvage stuff and repackage. That takes time. I mean how in the hell many votive candle holders and punch bowl sets does one need? SwittersB

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