Hoarding Woes: Maintain the Gains

Old, retro stuff. Fun to uncover. Like a dig. There is the remnant of another time. A mental trip back in time happens, if you are old enough to remember. An old radio in a kitchen or shop on while my mom cooked or dad created. No computers or TV's constantly on. Just a radio. SwittersB
This surrounded and buried roasting oven has not been used in almost 50 years. In the compartment beneath were beautiful platters. All to be protected. SwittersB
The breakfast nook area clearing out. There is a chrome kitchen table and nice retro chairs down stairs in the kitchen (remember this was a house built atop a house. A nice jammed kitchen is in the basement. Ah, the basement. A whole other world. Anyway the intent is to get that table and chairs up out of the mess into this breakfast nook area to create a nice eating area. Some day. SwittersB

I am assuming my aunt will be home. Home to a safer place. A more pleasing place. Yes, I will endure all the anxiety re what happened to stuff she can’t even recall the look of. The space will strongly suggest something is missing, even if she doesn’t recall what exactly it was.

The looming issue after the dust settles will be a possible movement of stuff into open spaces from other places in the house by her. Hmm? This will beg a come to Jesus moment or two. If we are busting our keisters to clean up this mess and provide a safe world, at what point will I insert my personal feelings into the equation and attempt to over come her propensity to move everything into a free space? She will do it. I will take a stand. Bully? Well I will be gentle and persistent, like her. Safety will rule. My honest frustration will be from my personal self interest of sacrifice and I want to maintain the gains. I am sure this is exactly what anyone attempting to assist or win out with a hoarder deals with. All that work gone. At what point does the hoarder’s freedom, dignity, self decision making over rule our back breaking work?

Before you judge, realize I caved in for years with my hoarding mom. In the end, it was a torturous effort to clean up and I frankly will not so gently back down this time. My life is at times suffocated by the OCD life style of my mom and aunt. If I am going to continue to help and over see I am not going to idly sit by and watch hours and hours of effort waste away. Of course, I will be loving, gentle, insistent for her safety. The saving grace of sorts…if she makes it home…she will probably not be mobile nor strong enough for awhile to putz around as she has before. But, she is a tenacious woman.

Maybe her maintained flowers will help ease the changes in her life. Maybe..... SwittersB

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