Hoarding Woes: Time flies…or does it?

Small Blessings SwittersB

I have previously remarked that my aunt’s short term memory is burdened. She did remember her birthday from yesterday. But she forgot that I had told her today that her nephew, who had not called in some time, had called to wish her happy birthday. Within a couple hours of hearing it, she did not recall the conversation. She even bristled a bit when I more emphatically stated (I usually gently remind her) that I had indeed told about the call from her nephew.

So, of course, the entire exam by the doctor today did not register. She laughed when I asked her what had transpired. She remarked…”You tell me”  Well, it is an opening to say anything. A less scrupulous person could say anything. I try to be true to the message. 

I reminded her that, after review of the new x-rays, she had not worsened the condition of the breaks. They were the same, which is not a bad thing. The doctor said she could gently place weight on the toes of the foot and only with the assistance of a walker and assisting person. Then the doctor said he would see her in another month for additional x-rays and assessments of therapy. He said probably another 2 months in a facility. At the time, my sweet dispositioned aunt said in a defiant tone…”Oh, no!” Like that isn’t going to happen.

The doctor responded that the number one mistake she could make, that would guarantee she would spend the remainder of her life in a wheelchair and/or bed was to ignore the Go Slow admonitions and fall and re-injure the knee/calf bone or a hip. All this was lost on my aunt some seven hours after the appointment.

It was left to me to replay the admonitions and to give her a flat timeline..”you will be here another 2 months” Poor girl. Out poured the tears. Out came ‘What about my house?’ ‘Is anyone coming into my house?’ ‘My flowers…are you watering them?’ On and on it came out. Her safe haven not evaporating from her long term memories. Her special place. All I could do was do what I always do….tell her I would care for everything and everything would be as it had been….except I would be clearing a much wider swath for her safety. She agreed. Probably anything sounds reasonable now as long as she gets back home. She imagines nothing will stay the same under her watch. Like the shifting sands, her stuff moves here and there, but not too far from her view.  

So, the cleanup will continue to make her home safer, but there is a lingering concern she may not be home to enjoy it if she does not play the rehab game. Either way the work must continue.

As I turned my back on her house earlier today, after watering her plants, I walked down the dusty driveway. There in a little crevice was a little gem. Cheesy I know, but I notice such things. I bent and snapped a close pic to remind me that even in the bleakest of times and places in our lives there are little gems of beauty that must be seen, realized, savored and remembered to offset the crap. Had to finish a bit crass lest you think me too sensitive. 

Stop to see the violet SwittersB



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