Hoarding Woes: Happy 94th Birthday

Not Independence Day for sure. But, Dependence Day my aunt would contest also. A wonderful birthday gathering took place at my aunt’s residential care facility. The staff did a wonderful job putting up the normal 4th of July decorations and that coupled with my aunt’s birthday made for a perfect celebration. The staff wheeled out my aunt to her surprise of shouts of Happy Birthday. She was surprised and deeply touched. All the tenants were in attendance plus their family. Pizza, salad, fresh strawberry pie and soda were served. She was extremely pleased.

Aunt Delighted Over Birthday Pie (SwittersB)
Aunt Receiving Well Wishes from soon to be 93 y/o sister (SwittersB)
Perfect Birthday/4th of July Food (SwittersB)

On a different note: tomorrow morning, my aunt sees the Ortho Surgeon for an assessment of the knee/calf bone. It may be the routine briefing: ‘it has been this long and you can expect to be laid up another month or two…see you in a month…’  Or, it may be ‘this is going to be much harder than we thought.’ All this, of course, will influence her living arrangements/care down the road.



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