Hoarding Woes: A Little Room; A Little Laughter

Worked at my aunt’s house yesterday. Worked more on the driveway to remove the last little piddly bunch of this and that. This is a psychological issue for me. I need a clear space…a success. Yet, any clear space becomes a staging area for clearing out a jammed area nearby. Sigh. And so it goes.

A little space along the house! Woohoo! A stack of donated goods beneath the blue tarp goes out Tuesday to make more space. SwittersB

It really is not realistic to keep the driveway totally open as soooooo much remains to be dragged and carried down it to a drop box. For now it is a prep area. At least it can be that…now.

Looking back down toward new debris coming out of house (kitchen & back yard) SwittersB

After spending several hours moving and consolidating, I hung it up and moved across town to visit my aunt. She was in the midst of an I Love Lucy marathon….

We reminisced about the old days of black and white TV, Rick and Lucy, Fred and Ethel. For some reason the last name Mertze was hilarious to us. So was Lucy’s last name McGillicuddy. Bet you have long since forgotten those names hey? We laughed. Genuinely laughed. 

Darn...I can never seem to get that bathroom out of the back ground but what the heck...Auntie is lost in laughter watching Lucy.

After several episodes of Lucy, we raised the birthday party for the 4th. As I suspected she had forgotten, but she was quick to put her hand to her head, shake her head and utter the expected “Lordy me. I cannot believe I am going to be 94. That is old!” To which I reply, as usual, “But you look so darn good.” And she does. So did a few flowers out front…




It is good to go back now and then and see where you have come from. As muddled as it may seem now…it was worse before…wasn’t it?




One thought on “Hoarding Woes: A Little Room; A Little Laughter

  1. Leslie Strauss

    Happy birthday to your aunt! I just discovered your blog and have read it from beginning through today. I’m astounded at all that you’ve had to deal with and are still facing. It’s truly inspiring to me that you can focus on loving your aunt and caring more for her mental health than for your own desires to clear out her stuff.

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