Hoarding Woes: This and That…..

~Filing for extension with Probate Court re my mom’s home. Still much to do. One year extension being filed for. Housing market collapses. Prices/values plummet. Remnants of stuff still need to be removed. Meanwhile…

~Aunt’s rehab possibly thwarted as she sneaks up in the night to walk without aid, walker, cane. Then complains of renewed pain in knee. Medicated for sleep, she seems to forget, or is stubborn? Three weeks since the injury and while she looks much healthier from her care, she incessantly asks when she can go home.

~Headed to aunt’s house today. The kitchen is the goal. Will take about a week of work and that, of course, will be interrupted work so more like 2-3 weeks of spotty effort. Efforts here and there. Staging for the next drop box. Protecting her treasures. Storing the stuff. Discarding the spoiled. Preparing for her return while wondering if she will ever really return. She asks me everyday. I say she will. Appointment with orthopedic surgeon Tuesday after morning x-rays. Will know more after that.

~In the mean time…July 4, 2011 will mark my Aunt’s 94th Birthday! 


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