Hoarding Woes: Dear Mom……..

Dear Mom,

Just a note to let you know that the house is almost empty, except for that last stuff that always seems to be laying about and is eventually boxed and put in the garage. Won’t be the case this time. You would be happy with the look of everything. I wish we could have given you this peace of mind while you were alive.

The lesson in life, at least in this instance, is that hoarding messes are not easily cleaned up, while the hoarder is alive. Yes, I see it on TV, but the process makes me crazy to watch. You and I butted heads while you were alive over this issue. I let you win, once I saw how our already tenuous relationship hung in the balance over every altercation. That was just over the yard. Now, a full year later, we are just clearing the house.

As I said, I wish we could have given you this gift, miracle, while you were alive to enjoy it….but, I give it to you now. I know you have been watching down…watching those ladies sell off your stuff. Watching to make sure they moved the stuff but still made a profit. 

Now the rooms are only full of memories.




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