Hoarding Woes: Berries and a Doll

Well, after almost 4 hours at the bank working with a team of “personal bankers” none of which had ever opened up an account for the “Estate of …….” the process was completed and the account established and I am now in compliance and where I should have been last year. All is good. Just need to really read the mail and NEVER “I’ll read it later.” So, that part of my mom’s Probate affairs are in order.

Re my aunt. She is restless. She is looking healthier already. But, as I would have never believed an almost 94 y/o woman could be: she worries she is eating too much and putting on weight! Confined to a wheel chair and bed she is only now venturing vertical, with the help of a physical therapist, to use a walker for balance and moving from bed to commode to wheelchair. She seems in reasonable good spirits and the daily visits do lift her spirits! 

Giving pause beneath the stuff (SwittersB)

I had dropped by to water my aunt’s flowers and decided to again assess the back yards piles of stuff. The piles have been out back for 7+ years. Layers of tarp have been added upon old, rotten layers. The North wind has access to piles and has taken its toll on the life of the tarps. That coupled with apparent marauders has left the stuff open to the elements. 

One of four long piles of stuff (swittersb)

At least there was one bright spot out back. The raspberries were in full fruition and healthy. Sorry for the blurry shot, but you get the idea. The berry canes have sprung up far beyond their original confinements in what a beautifully maintained garden years ago. Tall grass, rotten tarps and cardboard boxes and there amongst it all are old dolls and beautiful berries. The contrasts of hoarding (what was/what is…even what will be) are life itself for sure.

Taste Treat amongst the stuff (swittersb)

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