Hoarding Woes: Buttinsky

Suddenly the distant aunt is accusing me of inadequately caring for her sister, of wantonly throwing away my aunt’s possessions that I deem junk or garbage. This distant aunt is creating “I want to go home” anxiety for my aunt. My aunt is in no position to rehab anywhere but where she is. This meddlesome intrusion is a struggle of sister v. nephew. There is no reasoning. I will be forced to take a stand and hope my aunt does not cave in. She is not ready to go home, nor is she ready to go live with family. The care giver adds fuel to the fire by saying that from her experience, most elders with this injury don’t heal to a sufficient degree to ever go home. Every one seem self serving in this theater. I resent this mierda. Stay the hell out of this! 


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Buttinsky

  1. Annietiques

    I have read your post with awe and admiration over the past several weeks. Simply ask the distant Aunt if she would like to take over the clearing of the mountains of debris????? I think not… it is clear to me that you have not only the safety but the well being of your Aunt foremost in your decision making.

    Sending tons of support from my little corner of the world, Ann

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