Hoarding Woes: Nice Find Beneath the ‘Junk’

I finished up the second drop box for the driveway and path to the back porch/back door/access to kitchen. Along the way I encountered a pile of debris from a storm in 1996. Beneath that I found a second pile, much like an archeological dig (village atop a village so to speak). I found two old fruit boxes setting on old plastic and inside those boxes wrapped in 1980 newspaper was a nice china set (4 place settings, more or less). Oh, and with all the standing water in buckets, garbage cans, tall wet grass etc.: big mosquitos! 

A Pile Toward Back Yard Off Back Porch (SwittersB)
Old Fruit Box Beneath Pile Under Old Plastic and Car Floor Mats (SwittersB)
China in newpaper in rotten box (SwittersB)
The china was wrapped in the older newspaper (SwittersB)
Some pieces from out of the boxes (SwittersB)

Then from inside the house, I have cleared the stairs and pile of stuff from the landing to access the door from inside as well as from the back porch. Note the 4 locks, bars in the inside and the heavy bars on the back screen door. My aunt has not wanted me to clean the stairs off heading to the basement. Stairs she negotiates often. Nor has she wanted me to clean off the back porch as a security measure. Did I say 4? Actually 6. Five on the door and don’t forget the iron door on the other side, locked as well.

A secured back door (SwittersB)

So, I did eventually fill a second box. I spent a lot of time sorting yard chemicals, paint cans, china, Christmas decorations (my aunt and mom has/had a love affair with all manner of Christmas decorations) and other items out from the garbage. The temptation would be to toss all as water damaged, mildew damaged, smell damaged. In some spots I do just that. I have been admonished by my aunt that what I deem ‘junk’ or garbage might be a valuable item to make money on (not a treasure or keepsake). I try to be cognizant of this as I sort through water damaged stuff. Often it is very hard and my mind slides into a different mode: how much effort; how many times do you want to handle this stuff; to what? maybe make a quarter…maybe? Toss it! Donate it if it is not damaged? I had this conversation with my aunt, while visiting her last night. She was adamant that nothing get tossed if she could ‘make some money’.

I am trying. I have repackaged a lot of stuff and not tossed it. (SwittersB)

 When I can align the stars (get my kid and friends to commit to a day or so, I will bring in a 20 yard box (10 yard in picture) and attempt to blitz the back yard mountain of mess. Meantime, I will try to stay on course to clean the kitchen by eliminating very old, dated food items; moving items not kitchen related out the back door to storage; creating a safe work station at counter, sink, stove, lower cupboards (she is only maybe 5′ tall).


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