Hoarding Woes: Sing Alongs & Rats

My Aunt Coming Out of the Dark? SwittersB

Tonight was revealing in several ways. First, my aunt neglected to inform me that within the last week a woman came to the foster home (Father’s Day probably) to play music and engage the clients in a sing along. Low and behold, my aunt say along with great zeal. As she described this today she was smiling big and clapping her hands together while describing how much fun she had. It is interesting to note that the other 3 clients sat by having a good time, but my aunt was the only one that openly participated. Extraordinary given her shyness and measured responses to so many social encounters. Very proud of her!

Tonight before visiting my aunt, I cleared a twenty foot swath of debris, filth, and crap from under the carport toward a back porch buried in junk to the door. In the process was a scurrying departure of good size rats into a covered patio area behind the house. Rat droppings and urine stains created and immediate ammonia fog as I lifted wet cardboard and carpeting. A rat’s nest of sorts was uncovered…at least that is what I think. I also found the 6th dead possum beneath wet, soggy fruit boxes. I am some what in a trance as I plow through the debris. Nothing her for sale, in my estimation, not anymore. 

So, into the drop box it went. To tolerance today for ‘maybe a buck for this or that’….no, I am less patient to salvage ‘stuff’ as when it is co-mingled with creatures that give me the creeps. A nice day of 85 degrees, but higher than usual humidity, made me sopping wet in short order. Salt in the eyes. Body still sore from a fall. Uneasy over rats (lost an uncle to a rat bite in West Virginia).

Thank goodness I dropped by to see my aunt and learn the good news of the sing along. Made me smile and renewed my dwindling patience. This is a long haul. I know that. Back on track.

Now there is an open path from the front of the house, then 100′ down the previously clogged driveway, under the carport, around a corner up onto a back porch and through the back door up into kitchen. Momentus. The kitchen will be attacked from two directions for now (a third access point from a piled high hallway is clogged).


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