Hoarding Woes: A reminder

What lurks beneath those layers of tarps?

Rats, dead possums, big and small spiders, cats, mice all found their way beneath this swath of stuff on the driveway. But, also beneath this mess was mildew, mold, yard chemicals, standing water and bad juju. Be careful as you pour out standing water as to where it is going. Be careful as you sweat or itch of rubbing your itching cheek or nose. Even if you remove your work gloves, ask has the bad juju seeped through your gloves and covered your hands? Waterproof gloves maybe in order when handling chemicals or long standing waters. Some of those spiders can move pretty fast. No yellow jacket/wasp nests so far. Also, pay attention to footing. It is very easy to slip, trip, fall, stumble. I took a bad fall yesterday. 



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