Hoarding Woes: “They are really nice here……”

“Oh, also, I was thinking. Maybe you should wait to clean off the driveway. I know you are tired.  Let’s wait so I can help you”. Code for now that I can’t watch you, I don’t want anything changing on that driveway. Hmm…well a touch too late now and for the better I will profess. This is so taxing to the mind. It is relentless…the circular argument. The excuses, well honed, to beg an aggressive response….yet, they know you will rarely bulldoze a sweet family member or suffer their wrath (my mom).

But, on a lighter note, the family went to visit my Aunt tonight in her new, temporary, residence. As I walked in, I saw her in a wheelchair, sitting in the great room with one of the staff watching TV. Our arrival perked her up and I have to say she looked refreshed and, well better. Is that possible that within two days she would look better? But she did. My aunt was appreciative of the staff, the food (although she complained of the portion being too much) and her room. All in all, she seemed happier. Now if I can somehow convince/remind her to let the staff help her with her moves, I will feel more secure. 

My adorable aunt and me (showered and almost alert after a long day tossing stuff I designated garbage....would my aunt?) SwittersB



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