Hoarding Woes: 1 Box, then a Second……

I arrived early today prepared to make progress on the driveway and even more into the house. The drop box was to go onto the driveway. In the end, I filled the first drop box, ordered a second and took a bad fall while carrying a heavy container of stuff. I put in a good 8 hours, but in the end I ran out of gas for the day.

Early before the box arrives. The partition on the driveway has attempted to separate the driveway's contents from the public for 9 years.
A 10 yd. Box. It was smaller than I wanted. I should have ordered a 20 yd. but felt I wanted to be less invasive in the neighborhood.

I started with a burst and didn’t stop for hours. It was fun, feeling like I was accomplishing the goal and know my aunt would approve of the effort. The garbage pile was high and the damaged goods were beyond doubt so know indecisiveness on what went or stayed. Also, I was faithful to repacking the stuff from soggy boxes or crumbling plastic bins. Neighbors remarked, “when the cat’s away the mice will play”. But, I didn’t think I was being to mischievous.  

The rain came down hard. The footing became slippery from a mixture of mud-muck and oily water. I came upon some of those choice finds that speak to the ultimate failure of multiple layers of tarps, plastic vizqueen, plywood, even Rubbermaid Bins if they warp/bulge.

Somehow unsettling to pull these water laden Teddy's up out of the water. A water logged Teddy weighs about 25#'s. Half a dozen bins were full of stinking water and stuffed animals. The picture does not do justice to the stench.
Yes, I know, close my mouth...I do that for some reason. SwittersB


I filled up the box, then realized I had as much debris still to go away. Hmmm....

So, I have ordered drop boxes before….usually a 20 yard box. So, by underestimating my needs I spent more money than I needed to. A 10 yard was $210. x 2 + $420. A 20 yard box was $290…sigh. Ok, I miscalculated. I thought less obtrusive, but in the end, that was a waste. Now I know.

Waiting for the 2nd drop box. Smoking my briar and contemplating how much work even a small area takes in the hoarding cleanup process. SwittersB
A second box was delivered. The down time was about one hour. Not bad. Although my old body tightened up while I waited.

In the end, I had just enough ooomph to do the drive way save one small table. I have a bunch of questionable glass ware to re-box. Also, I have a fair amount of yard chemicals and spray paint cans. 

The driveway from the carport up to the dropbox. Note all the fence posts, which were laid down to set boxes atop off the driveway. Of course the condensation still corrupted the bottom of the cardboard boxes

In the end, I didn’t finish, finish the driveway and turn the corner to clear a path to the back door (sealed off with debris/stuff). The back door must be accessed to remove stuff out the back door to a more appropriate storage location. It will cut the transport distance by 3/4th. I am headed back tomorrow for a little early Father’s Day action.

My aunt's gloves are waiting. SwittersB

2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: 1 Box, then a Second……

  1. The teddy bears make me kind of sad. It reminds me of my husband – he had an old doublewide trailer up at his parents’ house packed with stuff that was used for storage. Since you couldn’t even get in to maintain things on the inside, the roof eventually caved in (the interior walls had been spreading). Unfortunately, they didn’t notice until a week or so later, and after a severe rainstorm.

    One of the things he salvaged was his teddy bear from when he was a child, and he wanted to save it for our son. Even after taking it apart carefully at the seams, planning to wash then re-stuff it and sew it back together, it was useless – the water and mildew had rotted the cloth itself. This is one of the things that’s so sad to me about hoarding, we save all of these things and they are wasted because we can’t find or access them when we need/want to used them or they get ruined by water or other damage or crushed from the weight of things on top of them.

    1. SwittersB

      You are wise in saying how often the treasures are forgotten, hidden or damaged. My mom hid away baby pictures of me, tucked amongst linens. She loved linens. But, she didn’t count on a busted pipe and water wicked up into boxes and linens. Had I not noticed pictures of me protruding from soiled, mildewy linens I tossed into a drop box, I would not have known her tendency to hide keepsakes amongst layers of linens….why? No clue. But, after that I looked through every box before tossing and found two more treasures of photographs of me as a child that I had never seen before.

      Yes, the Teddy’s was A sad loss. I know how sentimental my Aunt is. She, nor my mom, ever had much of a touchy feely childhood. As adults, they both have a childlike joy in children’s toys.

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