Hoarding Woes: Done Deal (Short Term?)

Adult Foster Care: The tour of the site went well. A refreshingly reassuring session. Clean room, flowers out the windows, privacy, caring staff, an understanding of a short term stay should my aunt progress toward where she was just a week ago.

I wrote a check. Packing up a few belongings now. Anxiety for my sweet aunt. Change…ugh. She, as most of us do, hates change. This will be a mental grind for her and us. It will be months of “when can I go home?” Wonderful conditions will be acknowledged, but regardless it will be several dozen times a day…”When can I go home?”

Relief? Not in the least. Continued visits and reassurances. Patience. Trust will have to be maintained if not rebuilt after tomorrow (Thursday). We will transport her to the foster home. We will settle her in and visit. Then we will leave her in unfamiliar surroundings. I think she will be ok….she is immensely tough, even if scared.

The house: a drop box will be ordered for Saturday/Sunday (Happy Father’s Day). I will fill it with what was agreed, by my aunt and I, to be garbage. I will fill it with additional materials from out back (see previous aerial photograph) that are severely damaged/non-salvageable. There is a huge trust issue here. My aunt has given the green light to help clean up. I don’t want to betray that trust. Nor do I want to waste a window of opportunity to operate unencumbered. 

So, if I can complete the driveway and part of the back yard; clear off the back porch to allow access to kitchen and then make the kitchen safe, I will be happy and so will my aunt.


Regard my mom’s hoarding house: such a mess it was. Enormous success on the sales so far with much left to sell. But, the cleanup was so massive and prep time so massive that the estate sale stagers have spent more in wages and not made any profit. With a 40% take, they have consumed all their ‘profits’ up to this point. Hmmm? More sales to take place, but at this point the prep has been so monumental the poor planners are losing their ass on this. Need to empty out the house; sell the house and settle the debts my mom incurred. We shall see…… 


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