Hoarding Woes: Sooner or later, I knew……

Aunt shortly before she takes a tumble...

The what if’s of caring for an elder, who stays entrenched in her own (hoarding) home, have played out in my mind: what if her CHF worsens…what if she sickens so much she must be admitted into the hospital…what if she falls and breaks a hip…what if she just doesn’t answer the phone on that fateful morning, afternoon or evening call??? What if’s progressing to then what will I do? 

Yesterday, the what if came to pass: a broken knee cap and broken fibula. There will be input from the hospital staff on how she will have to be cared for. The dirty, little secret of her hoarding house will not come from me. Nor will my aunt bring it up. But, I must in good faith plan accordingly.

I am headed up to the hospital to sort out the care strategy and do all that is in the best interest of my aunt, while reassuring her all will be ok. Will it? This does provide an opportunity to clean and make room.


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