Hoarding Woes: The Survivors, The Two Left Standing

Last night, we took my Aunt for a ride South to my other Aunt for dinner and conversation. My other Aunt is rarely seen, but at 92 y/o she leaves a lasting, forceful impression. She is in no way a hoarder. Organized and detail driven, she has weekly housekeepers and gardeners. Her life is pristine and she is beset by little that holds her back, except maybe the lack of a car. A cab is always available. 

So, by contrast, my Aunt here is often back on her heels in competitions that are purposely arranged by the sister to the South. My mom suffered through much the same needless feelings. In the end, neither can/could compete as the hoarding is such a negative card to hold that any and all notable accomplishments seem compromised-deminished because of it. Anyway it was a good time. I nurtured my Aunt along in conversation to help her cope with the anxiety of sitting beside self revealing perfection. Eventually, my Aunt relaxed and let her sister hold forth. One of those things you do in life. 

Aunties (92 y/o & 93 y/o)

Headed out soon to Aunt’s house (sweet girl on the left) to push hard on clean up. More to follow…there always is 


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