Hoarding Woes: Momentum gained…..

So, last week I commenced a bit of work on the driveway because of some dead critters beneath the tarps. It facilitated the start of a project,which I wasn’t sure would be sustained over time by my Aunt.

Today, I arrived to muggy, humid conditions. I started and put in about 4 hours before running out of gas. The smells of more dead animals; opening Rubbermaid tubs full of yard chemicals and getting overcome with potent odors; standing water in containers that reeked; just the heat and an aggravated lower back & neck.

Yet, when I brought my Aunt out to inspect my work, it was evident that I had broken down about 1/3 of the driveway length. This entailed removing heavy objects from atop visqueen and tarps, then sorting down thru about 3-4 layers of visqueen/tarps to objects that had been set in cardboard and plastic containers or just loose, for 7-10 years! The objects were then, when necessary (rotten cardboard boxes; cracked/brittle plastic tubs), reboxed, moved from atop the card tables to the carport where the boxes were stacked atop pallets. My Aunt had most often created a quad set up of 4 card tables and one rectangular camping table to stage the items. I broke down the card tables and camping table and removed them, twelve in all, to the carport. Beneath the table islands were treated fence posts down on the driveway and additional boxes were stacked atop the rails. Many of the cardboard boxes were rotten and the contents wet and musty. Accumulations of dirt, leaves, animal fur and feces were piled in, around and on the boxes. All these boxes were opened and the items repackaged and moved into the cardport.

The gap of acquired driveway gained back was visually less impacting because of the pile of rotten cardboard, tarps, visqueen, debris. But, that pile did also facilitate the raising of the issue with my Aunt. It was apparent to her that the pile, which will get bigger, is more than a small utility trailer load etc. It may ultimately require a smaller drop box.

S” src=”https://hoardingwoes.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/driveway-n-s1.jpg” alt=”” width=”614″ height=”461″ />
Driveway standing in carport looking down toward the street.


Boxes beneath card tables on wooden rails on driveway
Broken down card table quad section
Numerous toxic piles of feces, chemicals, rotten stuff and standing water
A bit of daylight or wet pavement
Little by little. Moving stuff to make room and keep the peace.
Looking toward carport; debris in foreground distracts from actual progress
1.5 Cu Ft boxes are barely adequate for typical kitchen stuff my aunt seems to obsess over. Next step up for kitchen stuff and smaller boxes good for more rectangular/square stuff

A good day. I would say 1/3+ accomplished. Of course, the cleanup and final garbage cleanup is an additional effort. My aunt was good with the effort. 



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