Hoarding Woes: Boxes and Ghosts

Today is the final day of prep for the crew we hired to clean and stage my mom’s house. This weekend will be the first sale of several to start the final process of emptying the house of stuff and the accumulated treasures we cannot assume and no one else in the family wanted. This is a hard part….what was of great value to my mom is not as important to others. Oh yes, we have brought home a great deal of musty smelling items to honor the spirit (more there in a second) of my mom (and dad), but there is only so much room.

Interesting: the people staging the house swear it is haunted. They make no bones about it and even joke that it is my mom or dad. Things move, they are drawn through a vast maze of stuff to items they have been trying to relocate and there it suddenly is standing/setting alone from the other stuff. Apparently this has happened in the upstairs quite a bit. No breezes, no shaking house. Odd events. Well good I say, I hope my mom and/or dad are watching and taking pleasure in the appreciation for their stuff. I am sure my mom is taking a critical view of how the sale is being staged and prepared for…I think she would approve of the operation.

Tonight we will go to my Aunt’s and spend time visiting and putting together dozens of boxes in anticipation for this weekend. The weather is expected to be the warmest this late Spring (80’s) and a good opportunity to complete??? the driveway project. Box upon soggy box will have to be repacked and garbage staged for a removal off property somehow???? Remember my Aunt does not like anything leaving the property, except the dead possums and rats I bagged up this past week. This will be a significant test of her comfort in watching and ‘supervising’ the movement of her stuff from the driveway to a point beneath a carport. This will remove a sizeable eyesore for neighbors and hopefully plant a seed that room can be regained. The saving grace here is that because of her age and lack of mobility she isn’t acquiring more stuff. 


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