Hoarding Woes: Pinch Myself

This evening, I missed a call on my cell phone. I noticed a call from my Aunt. The one and only time she called me before was to tell me her sister had died in Wisconsin. With trepidation, I called back. She had called just a few minutes earlier. I waited for the tone on the other end, fearing she might not answer at all. She answered. She sounded alert. She said, “I wanted to let you know I appreciate all the work you did out there this weekend. It was a lot and I can’t thank you enough.” I was stunned and rambled on about I wasn’t done and didn’t want her to think I wasn’t going to clean up the debris, etc. She simply restated, “I am thankful for you taking care of me and it means a lot.” 

My aunt is a very kind lady full of social graces. She is always considerate. However, when it comes to her stuff and the movement of her stuff, she is lightning quick to head you off in deeds or conversations about cleanup….so, this comment by her was unique in the annals of my mom and her hoarding. Thankful, I told her thank you and told her I loved her and would continue this week. 


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