Hoarding Woes: A Big Step, A Foot At a Time….

The process will hopefully begin tomorrow and can be maintained, at least for the weekend. A long driveway, which has been covered in layer upon layer of tarps over tables will be de-layered. My Aunt will balk at this. The weather is not expected to be very pleasant. But, we need to make a beginning. My aunt will not be comfortable. I will move slow and let her make assessments. Why the urgency for this? It is also many layered: something is dead beneath the tarps; the tarps are rotting down through the layers; neighbors are having an increasing annoyance over the mess; neighbors are having a wedding within a month or so; it annoys the hell out of me; and, if she is honest, it annoys my Aunt; it is dangerous to pass down through the narrow, winding gap between the house and the piles of stuff.

I dread the thought or possibility that this will be a Pandora’s box, but it is a start, a fraction of the enormous amount of stuff inside and outside. It is a start…. The aerial is a bit fuzzy but you get the idea. The back yard, the driveway, all the out buildings and sheds jammed, and of course the house a series of pathways. Every room, first floor, basement, save two (the living room and bathroom) jammed…and those two, half full. She is living, as if,  in a tiny studio apartment. 


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