Hoarding Woes: Treading Stuff

Just an update: all flowers planted; CHF at bay with water weight stable for now; Aunt agreed to clean off the drive way (8′ x 100′ section covered by rotting tarps); something dead under driveway tarps, but didn’t inspect today; pending wedding and reception across the street this Summer is incentive; Aunt had incentive to hang pictures and artwork today; appetite a bit better so I shopped to replenish groceries.

My mom’s house: headway with estate sale planners. Went in today. Depressing. Removing photo’s, keepsakes, letters and bringing home. Whoa! The smell is killing me…so reactive mold/mildew. Must store these items outside of the living quarters.  

Life is day to day. Caring a load and sometimes it seems impossible. My 93 y/o Aunt shows me perseverance and courage. This is doable, just a chunk of my life to be lived in a dutiful, loving way. The least I can do for those I love.


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