Hoarding Woes: Step by Step…Maybe

My aunt’s weight moves downward (122 to 113). Maybe the Lasix is working? Her ankles are down. Her energy is slightly upward. Even on what was an abysmal day, she was chipper. What helped? She called her niece, the daughter of her just recently departed sis. In listening to the grieving niece, she lessened her own grief. She spent time giving to another. It took her mind off her mess, her health, herself.

Also, I delivered another flat of Geraniums and of Sweet Alyssum. Gardening, my aunt’s, my mom’s therapy. A renewal at Spring. My mom made it to Spring. Her goal was to not die in the dead of Winter. She made it. My Aunt is holding on too.

At my mom’s/my house: The estate sale planners are making great headway. I moved my dad’s car out of the garage today and had it towed to another location to make room. The car had been buried in the garage for 14 years. Tires flat, battery dead, a vintage car. Psychologically it was hard. I talked my dad into buying that car back in 1965. Many a camping trip took place in that old station wagon.

Progress is being made. Step by step, day by day. All one can do in life is endure and know ‘this too shall pass’.


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