Hoarding Woes: Treading Water

Well, if I thought my Aunt did nothing in her hoarding house, I was wrong. Since her downturn it is evident that things are more messy and suddenly cluttered. I would not of thought that possible in a hoarding home.

Her BnP count has risen to near 950. Not good. Her weight is the barometer now, in between blood draws. We need to get it down with Lasix…pound by pound as it will hopefully equate to not only smaller ankles, but also a lower BnP count in this ‘let’s stay ahead of the Congestive Heart Failure’ race.

We sat outside in the morning sun today. I did not rush. She dozed. She never dozes in my presence, always feeling a bit nervous and talkative. Not today. I look at her and wonder how this drama will play out. The last thing I want is to take her from this house full of possessions. Her self worth, her memories, her pride is this home and all in it. I will do what is best for her immediate health, but maybe not for head. 

I think this is one of those moments in life when you are not seeing the forest for the trees. Later, I will see how it was playing out. Right now, I am day to day in figuring this out. My Aunt looks at me with total trust. The wind picks up, cloud blocks the sun. We move inside, out of the cold wind. She naps on her all in one couch, chair, bed.


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