Hoarding Woes: Repairs & Water

With the news of heart congestion issues and the brief dalliance with an ER, I have been pushing water on my Aunt. Less tea and substituting water more often.

The teeth. The gap. Up early the next morning to my gem of a dentist and my Aunt’s chompers were on there way to the lab for hopeful immediate repairs. Bless them, she had a brief period of discomfort, but the chompers were returned and the Fixodent was applied and those puppies were slipped in so quick. A good laugh, a good memory.

There’s going to be a wedding across the street from my Aunt this Summer. My aunt has suggested that maybe the driveway does need to be tidied up a bit as a courtesy for the neighbors events and guests. Far be it from me to dissuade her from this possible plan. We shall see, but it is a start.

She has refused to join the family gathering for the weekend. She says she is better off sitting home alone. Perhaps this is true. I will visit her and bring some flowers. Happy Easter!


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