Hoarding Woes: Sliding? or New Plateau?

“Blood tests. Blood tests may indicate other diseases that affect your heart. A blood test for congestive heart failure checks for levels of a hormone called B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP). Your heart secretes BNP in high levels when overworked. A large amount of BNP in the blood may suggest congestive heart failure.” Mayo Clinic

  • BNP levels below 100 pg/mL indicate no heart failure
  • BNP levels of 100-300 suggest heart failure is present
  • BNP levels above 300 pg/mL indicate mild heart failure
  • BNP levels above 600 pg/mL indicate moderate heart failure.
  • BNP levels above 900 pg/mL indicate severe heart failure.     Cleveland Clinic

So, by my previous, recent posts it has been evident my Aunt is different. Lost 10#’s in a week (diuretics), looks pale, sallow, weak. Expresses feeling weak and afraid. I am seeing her almost daily now and taking her to normal doc (nurse practitioner that talks med mumble jumbo to an elder at rapid pace….did I mention I visually and verbally throttled his punk ass to slow down!!!) Talk straight to an elder and slow the hell down moron!

Anyway, her reading was 287. As the chart suggests not critical mass but something is off and it dramatically shows in her mental makeup even if the chart suggests it is not the end. She is talking the end. Such a dramatic shift…so soon. All verbal. She ate lots today. She drank water rather than tea. She dredged up amazing tearful stories from mid 1930’s. Jaw dropping honesty re fears and courage for a young woman leaving abuse. Afraid but persevered. Did not quit.

Calling Cardiologist tomorrow. Calendar ever more squished. Love rules on all levels. Or, not.

On a lighter note, I asked permission for access to a cordoned off lower ‘party room’ that my Aunt’s hubby created. My Aunt said yes, just be careful you don’t get lost. I entered and soon found it like one of those games where you out one piece (box) and hope the walls don’t come tumbling down. An hour later I made my way to the rear with a zigzaging pathway. What a room! Parque floors. Beautiful walls and old pictures barely visible from the one dim, dirty light. A good accomplishment. Trust given and respected. A new discovery because of it. Appreciation shown. She was delighted with some old pictures from a small box I produced of her long departed hubby. Bittersweet, not perfect, but love.

It was a good afternoon as she ate soup and tried Chinese food (yes, tried). She liked it all. She hugged and thanked and begged for more time. She has it, from me. I will talk to the Cardiologist tomorrow to buy more time for planting flowers, Easter, Mother’s Day and pleasant Summer evenings. I am on alert. My game is elevated, even if the BNP is slowly on the rise. (First test 287; second blood draw results Monday-Tuesday???)         

Indiana University Health

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