Hoarding Woes: Who’s That Knocking On My Door?

Visit by visit, love and warmth are built upon. The heavy lifting has been avoided but now several things are looming that will test the cozy Winter arrangement we had with my aunt. First, the clock is ticking via the Probate Court on my mom’s place. We have been neglectful for too long. We must move to clean further as a deadline is present and estate sales and debt settlement in unavoidable. Secondly, my dear aunt received a call from another nephew. The drama thickens. He is bringing the clan down for Spring break…in two days. Oh wow!

My aunt is pretty nervous about this visit. No way the guests can do much more than find a place to sit in the living room. She wants me to close off paths to keep the younger kids corralled. Odd, she needs my help to control these guests. We have come a long ways, from barely getting a place to sit down. Now, we will help her with soon to arrive guests.

Tonight she said, she has never been able to talk to anyone like she can with myself. Flattered for sure. But, it reminds me that I will continue to wear many hats in the months ahead. Hats I must wear and want to wear. My aunt cannot take a back seat to any of the things building up on the ‘to do’ list. A short span of time in life. Not too much to ask.


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