Hoarding Woes: Something Buzzing

We went to my aunt’s hoarding house to bring flowers and an ‘I Love You’ balloon to lift her spirits. She has never received such gifts or attention since her husband died in the 60’s. She was thrilled and for an evening visit pretty alert. Her short term memory is challenged.

However, she was able to recount a phone conversation she had had earlier in the day. She received a call from her 92 y/o sister about their 89 y/o sister being in critical condition with pneumonia. She recalled the call at length and that was a good thing.

Then a giant wasp emerged from some stack of stuff and started lazily bobbing along the room bouncing off our heads and swatting hands. I won’t traumatize you with what followed. It was a good visit. I collected food garbage and containers. She inspected the bag (she hadn’t been doing this of late) to make sure I wasn’t throwing away anything important. I hid the 7 small, empty, yogurt cups because I knew she would see a need for them for say her saved coins or ??? I didn’t want to argue the point they were still encrusted with yogurt residue and fruit flies. I passed inspection. We checked her med’s and noticed her swollen ankles and reminded her to elevate her feet that night. The gentle assessment goes on for med’s, health, garbage, safe passages, tilting stacks, food in fridge, old food in fridge and crazy big insects.

We discussed the usual ‘too bad your mom died (her sister); making an appointment with the tax lady; making an appointment with the attorney; cleaning this part or that and where to go with the moved stuff (nothing would be discarded you know); and quite a few times either because she felt it or it was a convenient distraction….the beautiful flowers. Probably both.

Hugs were given. I apologized for nagging her about certain tasks we need to complete and she said ‘that is ok because I need you to…I forget’. We agreed to say our prayers for her very sick sister, my aunt far away. And, I wished her Happy Valentine’s Day!


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