Hoarding Woes: Medical Power of Attorney

A difficult mental exercise ensued today with my aunt after several weeks of prep work. She and I sat and went through an Advanced Directive to set forth her feeling about medical care at different stages of illness. We did it. What a journey that was. Sitting with this sweet elderly, private, shy woman and coaxing out her beliefs, if not impulses about life or the preservation of life…..or not.

My aunt went away for a multi-nights from home. This was her second time in about a month. Considering she had not done this in the last 50 years, save a stay in the hospital & rehab last year, it was a good step in her feeling comfortable away from her stuff now and then.

Also, she is considering letting her sister come and stay at her home. This will necessitate a minimal cleanup of several rooms to make room for the fastidious sister. An opening is emerging.

The sun shined bright today and the temp rose to 50 degrees. A false sense of Spring beckoned the neighborhood outdoors. My aunt is excited to plant although many month remain for that. But, the bulbs are an inch out of the ground. Life continues.


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