Hoarding Woes: Sitting on Our Collective Asses

One step forward, two steps backwards. With the best of  intentions we cajole, sweet talk and steer my aunt toward action. It starts but stalls out. She stalls or forgets; we lose momentum, tired from juggling so many facets of our own lives.

We did meet the attorney and I now have the Medical Power of Attorney docs to review (make serious decisions) with my aunt. Other more complicated decisions seem to drift away and need to be revisited and explained.

In the meantime, what seems most important (and, easiest) is to visit. To just be in the moment. No planning. No maneuvering toward the obvious goals. It gets tiring for her and for us to revisit the obvious elephant in the room (house, garage, shed, shop, patio, yard, storage lockers, driveway). Winter has made it difficult to be outside anyway. The effort is to maintain a safe place inside and to the goal, my aunt has maintained a nice environment.

In contrast to my mom’s mess, this mess is at least somewhat less assaultive on the senses. Treading water as it were.


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