Hoarding Woes: Housekeeping time

No, not that type. The stuff lingers and gets moved from here to there. No, the visit to the attorney started the process toward a medical power of attorney. I am proud of my aunt for considering this important decision. Last time when she was near death, I was called upon (because I was the only one there) to make important decision re her health.

Now, I hope to have a more official status and to be in certain sync with her possible end of life wishes. I guessed right last time, but now I hope that we will formalize this understanding in the next few weeks. An attorney practiced in elder law is an advantage if they knows how to explain the complexities of wills and other legal matters.

Interesting to note: my aunt is so attached to her possessions that she can not contemplate leaving anything to anyone because the thought of anyone having her stuff, even having passed, is depressing. Now that is denial that you can’t take it with you.


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