Hoarding Woes: Attorney Time

My aunt has agreed to see an attorney to put some important things in order. Big step. It, of course, in one way or another pertains to her ‘stuff’. She has a growing realization that her affairs being in order suggests someone someday will have to deal with her stuff.

So, off we go this morning to have a consultation/assessment with the attorney. What is unique about this attorney is he deals primarily with the elderly and end of life decisions as well as hoarding. He is a gentle man and it will be interesting to see the interaction with my aunt.

Yesterday, we took down the remaining Christmas decorations. We carefully negotiated the narrow trail into a back room and put them where they go every year. She reminded me to place them carefully for next year. Optimistic at 93 y/0. It is a poke in the ribs to enjoy every day of life.


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