Hoarding Woes: She’s Excited to Travel

I last reported my 93 y/o aunt was considering leaving her home for an over night stay with her sister out of town. This is monumental. My aunt never went anywhere, let alone over night, until she ended up in the hospital last April. Now, she is agreeing to leave her home for pleasure and stay away several nights.

I called her tonight to see if she was still up for the outing. Not only was she up, she said she was excited and wanted a wake up call at 6 am! Eek! So, I will set the alarm for 6 am and pick her up a short time later. The best is, she will come home on her terms, and I do hope it is a great time for her, so she can periodically repeat these visits to her sister.

So, my aunt is leaving her hoarding house and her stuff! She is ok with it. She is excited to do this. That is progress.


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