Hoarding Woes: An Overnight Stay…Away?

I blinked..procrastinated in asking my aunt to spend Christmas Day with our family. I waited because she tends to fret about the event so much that she finds excuses to bow out…like she did for Thanksgiving Day. So, I waited until today. Before I could invite my aunt, she informed me she had been invited for five days stay at her sister’s house some distance from my aunt’s house. Disappointed, I put on the happy face and said how nice.

My aunt expressed anxiety over a long stay away and leaving her stuff for so long. I spent the next few hours convincing her to go on the trip; to offer to drive her to the location; and to keep the stay shorter (3 days) but to indeed go. She is afraid to leave her possessions. I have assured her I will protect her stuff and not move or remove anything.

It is important for her to enjoy time away with her sister. It is also important for her to get out of the house and stimulate her brain and body. She needs to see that her stuff will still be there as she left it. She needs some activities away from her stuff and the constant sorting, moving, inventories.


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