Hoarding Woes: Energizer Battery

My aunt had her appointment with her cardiologist to check the pace maker she had installed last Spring. The device was deemed necessary to save my aunt’s life. The doctor conducted tests and offered up that without the pacemaker, my aunt’s heart rate would be likely inadequate to sustain life. And, the battery in the device was good for another 8 years.

” ‘Whoa’ said my aunt! Another 8 years! Wow, I have plenty to do that’s for sure.” Yes, at first my mind flashes on the mess, the stuff, the seemingly insurmountable mental hurdles to be overcome to get there. I think about my deceased mom’s house (my house) sitting there waiting. Cold, smelly, waiting for another attack of drop box filling. Yet, suddenly, this little energizer bunny, my aunt, is first and foremost in our lives. Not her mess, so much, as just bringing her into a family to feel loved and valued.

The mess remains. Safe corridors have been established. Meds are taken. Nutrition is attempted (she has been losing a bit of weight). She had no intention of folding up and dying. She has even a renewed sense of life. So, our minds must adjust to this adopted mess, this additional mess atop an even greater mess at my mom’s house. Once the holidays are over, I must renew my assault upon the old house and

And, knowing that battery has 8 more years gives her an optimistic outlook on life.   (Reality Check)


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