Hoarding Woes: Deck the Halls…..

I brought Christmas lights to my aunt’s house. I decorated the front porch and shrubs either side of the porch with a string of lights and curtain lights. Once done, I went inside and viewed her miniature Christmas tree, lights and all. My aunt was very proud she had found the tree amidst all her stuff. She was so proud of the tree that she wondered if we could elevate the tree atop a box, set on the table….so the neighbors can see it too.

Touched our heart to see her pleasure at decorating a spot amidst the stuff. I ensured the lights were safely wired. At the first sign of darkness, I had my aunt escorted outside with my wife. I ceremo niously turned on the outside lights. My aunt was ecstatic. She could also see her Christmas tree through the front window.

What a joyous occasion! My aunt is so excited to have family involvement. We are not pushing cleanup as much as reorganization. Moving items to make safe room and closing off areas she does not frequent. Safety, mobility, a sense of order….for my aunt and us.


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