Hoarding Woes: Invitation…What invitation?


Family, Strangers and Challenge

So, we invited my Aunt out for Thanksgiving Day dinner this Thursday. She was hesitant but seemingly willing. A little shy. A little insecure. Strangers. Family interactions. This is a woman who has not participated in family events since her husband died 50+ years ago. Save the occasional outing with my departed mom, she has not ventured out for holidays.

The idea of going to a big event, of mostly strangers is daunting to her. But, she seemed possibly agreeable.

Today she had no recollection of the discussion. What dinner? What now? Starting from scratch. The idea was raised again and my aunt came up with all manner of excuses: weather, swollen ankles (better now), tired, imposing. On and on…AND, she will not remember this conversation. So, I am going to keep planting the seeds right up Wednesday and see if we can make the sell on Turkey Day.

Years of solitude. Years of no family, excepting her partner in crime (stuff acquisition) my mom. So now we shall patiently try and fail and try and try again.


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