Hoarding Woes: A Place to Decorate & Love

Recently my Aunt has increasingly expressed a desire to clear certain areas in the house…to make room! She faces her nemesis of limited space. Where do you put the stuff? If you are not agreeable to move it out the door in some fashion, then you are attempting to create space to move stuff from here to there.

So far this has worked to create safe lanes and less hazards for my Aunt. But, a bright spot beyond creating safety: my Aunt has wanted to clear off the dining room table top. She wants to find two table cloths for the top and to decorate for the upcoming holidays!

She is pointing the way to Christmas decorations and expressing a desire to have a small, artificial tree. Wow! So she has not done this in years. Why now? I am convinced that because she has let us into her home and now her heart, (she never had a family or allowed outsiders close) she is of a mind to celebrate. The power of love and comfort.

My dear, departed mom would not let us inside. So, she did not let us inside her heart in many ways until the end during hospice. Thank God for those final months in our home. She stood putting the final ornaments on the tree last December as her hour glass of life dwindled down.

Love and attention can ease the hoarding woes for the hoarder and the hoarder’s family here and there. Take it and hold it close to the heart. You will need it.


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