Hoarding Woes: Blazing Trail and One Plate

So, we went to visit my Aunt today. We immediately noticed she had cleared a substantial portion of the dining room table top. Words of encouragement came forth. She preened. An hour was spent with pom poms and moving additional ‘heavy’ stuff for her. A trail, a pathway was blazed into a room that had not been entered into in the last four years. Lamps were tested and put within reach of her hunched over, 5′ tall, 93 y/o old reach.

Those dealies that catch moisture from the air were found and emptied. Old dead plants were removed. (no, she does not collect pets). Hundreds of fruit flies were found through out the kitchen. While stumbling through a narrow corridor, I knocked this and that from a top a bucket. There existed a morass of evil, vile, fermenting something. Literally foaming and frothing to the rim of the bucket…fruit fly heaven or hell.

Packaged up and set outside for removal (her garbage has long since been discontinued to save money). It is taken home (in the trunk) to our garbage cans. She has not stopped inspecting the garbage. So, she laid eyes on the frothing muck as well as the long rotten tomatoes from the fridge, moldy bread and assorted wrappers. She passed permission to remove the garbage.

Meds were checked and reloaded into the weekly partitions. And, then we settled into a nice, laugh filled visit that had nothing to do with practical considerations. No coaxing, no reminding. Just visiting. It was a very nice afternoon. Treats we brought were consumed, on the one clean plate we could find (the only plate we could find) and hugs were returned.


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