Hoarding Woes: 10 Signs of a Problem

Read them and weep:

Your collections ARE likely to be a hoarding or collecting disorder if any of the following are true.

  1. You aren’t able to use some of the spaces or furniture in your home for their intended purposes.  For example: if your floors have become storage, and you can’t easily walk on them or you can’t use your kitchen to cook because all the “collections” are in the way.
  2. You aren’t able to keep your collections clean and in good condition.
  3. You aren’t able to store and/or display your collections in such a way that no harm comes to them.
  4. The “collections” are often in your way and keep you from doing things you really want to do.
  5. You can’t stop collecting, and feel like you “have” to – even if the collecting is putting you in debt, or keeping you from having other things in life that you want – like being able to have friends visit your home.
  6. You want to let go of stuff, but can’t.  When you try, you get overwhelmed and go distract or soothe yourself in some other way.
  7. You are embarrassed to call in repair or other service people into your home.
  8. The collections are starting to control your life and your life is revolving around them.
  9. You find yourself feeling overwhelmed instead of overjoyed when you really look at your collections.
  10. You aren’t proud to show your collections to others.

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