Hoarding Woes: Warmth & Clarity?

So, the furnace is running. Multiple layers being removed. Warmth. And, perhaps some mental clarity? As the interior of the house prompted warm jackets and stocking caps and gloves (yes, it was getting that cold), I also noticed my Aunt’s mental clarity was waning. Her short term memory is sketchy enough. Her nights were long and I believe debilitating because of the cold.

So, the warmth is lifting her spirits and ever more there is an ongoing self-discussion by my Aunt about the mess. She realizes she has the mess. She moves stuff from A to B and over to C. Little goes away. She is tortured by the yard, in back and the driveway where tarps are appearing inadequate for the torrential Fall rains. Would have been nice to have addressed much of this when it was 70 degrees a few weeks ago, rather than rain and 45 degrees.

She has even signed on to go out for lunch today. Let’s see if she remembers when we call to remind her.


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